Moonchild Sanelly Releases Her Sophomore Album, ‘Phases’

the eclectic musician's sophomore album

Two years ago, South Africa’s Moonchild Sanelly released ‘Nüdes’, an EP which showcased her eclectic interpretation of genres like Gqom and EDM. Soon after, she was one of the fine roster of African talented who worked with Beyoncé on ‘Black Is King’, colouring the album with the eccentric flourishes of her style. 


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Now, Moonchild Sanelly occupies a unique space in South African music, her sensual lyrics often becoming larger conversations on female autonomy. Her florid sonics have also brought her to the notice of international collaborators afterwards, positioning her as a conductor for electronic music beyond the continent. 

She’s been busy this year, starting off her run to the ‘Phases’ album with the two-pack Strip Cluband Over You she released in March. The UK rapper Ghetts featured in the former, foreboding the diaspora-leaning direction of the blue-haired artist. April Fool’s Day followed a month after, and then Cute“, furthering Sally’s exploration of her eccentric style. 

Earlier today, the musician released her latest album, ‘Phases’. The follow-up to her 2015 debut album, ‘Rabulapha!’, it was crafted around the myriad experiences associated with women, Sanelly has explained the intent behind the album. The nineteen songs pulses with the boisterous overtones of a collective anthem, but with individual experiences permeating its several layers. It goes near and far collaboratively, from the South African acts like Blxckie, Theology HD, Sir Trill to international acts Ghetts, Sad Night Dynamite and Trillary Banks. 

Stream ‘Phases’ below 

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