MOJO is high on life for his new single “Shawarma”

A new song to earmark the year two-thousand and gbese

Even in the singles-based market that permeates the Nigerian music industry, there are artists who have maintained the attention of their audience with their sporadic releases. One of such artists is Lagos-based rapper, MOJO; who has only a handful of singles in his arsenal, following his 2018 romantic debut single, “Sweet” featuring AYLØ and Paula.B and Prettyboy D-O assisted “Chop Life Crew”.

Yesterday, the rapper released a new single, “Shawarma”, a catchy bop which lends itself to the sound of the ongoing music climate, dubbed as ‘two-thousand and gbese’ by Burna Boy.MOJO takes a nonchalant storytelling approach to the DaRe Kasali-produced track, singing “Ese mi o ba le mo”, which roughly translates as “My legs don’t touch the ground” as the rapper playful describes being ‘high’. The song’s title also offers up a double meaning, referring to the shawarma meal but alluding to his use of marijuana.

Released alongside the song is a teaser video directed by Onari and Sabr from Prassrs Collective which shows MOJO surrounded by friends while he attends to customers at a shawarma spot. The group is seen in ‘high’ spirits, busting out their killer zanku moves to the catchy song. We can’t wait to see what he cooks up next.

Stream “Shawarma” here.

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