Listen to Terry Apala’s latest Afro-fusion masterpiece, “Joosi”

Terry Apala is still merging the traditional with the future, only more so than ever before

Half Apala and half feverish EDM synth-pop, Terry Apala’s first single for the year, “Joosi” shows the full force of the rapper’s polarizing music inspirations. Though “Campaign Shower”, his break out single, ear-marked him as a savvy Apala artist with a liking for trap fascinations, “Joosi” offers more perspective to his persona as he branches further from Hip-hop to embrace a more overarching pop sound. It is noteworthy to say if the fusion of African music with electronic music is future for Apala music, Terry Apala is taking us there.

Neduction produces “Joosi” with synth percussion, stretching synth samples that end in a satisfying base drop and uptempo traditional drums to give that Apala feel before Terry Apala’s gruffy Yoruba vocals firmly situates the era-bridging sonic. Singing “Gbogbo Yin Pata/ Le Joosi (All Y’all Can Dance to This)”, Terry Apala’s confidence in the sound is such that he isn’t trying to hide the gimmick in any introspective bullshit lyrics, but would rather explain his reason for merging the sounds is to ensure everyone can dance to the song.

Judging from the positive reaction of fans at the recent Gidifest 2018 when he performed the song, it’s safe to assume the gimmick worked. It’s an Apala song, hip enough to shakushaku to.

Listen to Terry Apala’s “Joosi” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/terry_apala

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