See the music video for “Sensima” by Skiibii and Reekado Banks

Enhancing the fun with colorful set designs, costumes and dance

Skiibii and Reekado Banks have released another single for dancefloor fascination, “Sensima”, following last year’s collaboration on “London”. The catchy beat Tuzi produces for their latest single is set on a bouncy rhythm DJs and dancers will appreciate with the racy blend of drums, guitar harmonies, horns, synth lines, xylophone riffs and rattling samples forming an intoxicating mist to lose yourself in. Skiibii and Reekado Banks try to tie in a romantic narrative, singing “Say She Love Me/ Iyan Lovett”, but the vibe beat is set such that they can’t help themselves and end up spending most of the song appreciating their love interest’s dance moves.

Too often, music videos overthink song lyrics and ruin the songs they are supposed to enhance. Fortunately, this is not the case with the music video Director K directs for “Sensima”. The dance-themed music video manages to make the song even more enjoyable, enhancing the fun with colourful set designs and costumes. Though there’s no narrative to follow, every moment is finely orchestrated down to the smallest detail, from the bright coloured dressed dancers and the “Thriller” inspired dance step.

You can watch the music video for “Sensima” by Skiibii and Reekado Banks below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/ SkiibiiVEVO

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