In “Lovin”, Simi’s solution to keeping her lover is a visionary step for womankind

Everyone deserves love like this

The success of her well-acclaimed album Simisola was closely followed by the release of a series of videos of songs off the projects and a new single “I dun care” months after. Riding off the back of the hyper-visibility these provided, she’s followed up with another single, “Lovin”

Lovin” opens with bright guitar strings closely accompanying heavy percussion to allow  Simi room to SING SING the catchy song resonant with an uplifting vibe.

Simi bodies the Oscar-produced beat, singing about the beauty of her seemingly faultless man, longing to see him, be around him and give him lovin’. The accompanying video for “Lovin” shows Simi either in the arms of her lover or elsewhere dancing with a partner. “Lovin” comes to a head when other women won’t stop throwing her lover suggestive stares. Her solution that dilemma is quite inventive too, that is if you consider a cardboard box to the head an act of love. Simi is clearly on to something to be fair.

Lovin” promises to be inclusive; there’s something for everyone from the lonesome listener riddled with longing to the listeners with love to celebrate.

See Simi sashay and sway in the video “Lovin” here:

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