Orinayo Ojo talks Gender Inequality and love on two new singles

Listen to "Problems" and "It's Alright" here


Surprisingly, there have been two factions divided on the issue of Gender Equality; those on the side of common sense and the ones against the concept. Inequality has pervaded every sphere of existence, especially prevalent in the workplace. Studies have revealed that women earn significantly lower than their male colleagues. The negative stereotypes surrounding female bosses have also contributed to the problem, limiting the progress of female workers in the workforce. Taking a stand to protest these issues among a host of others, Orinayo released “Problems”.

Over a backdrop of spaced out beat drops and piano chimes, Orinayo reveals his fears and his inability to make good choices as an individual. However, these problems aren’t just limited to him. He realises there are greater problems that no one seems to see or solve as we are all “walking around in circles”. Just noticing these problems might not be enough to make them go away so “Problems” is Orinayo’s wake-up call for everyone unaware of the importance of gender equality.

Closely following the release of “Problems”, he released “It’s Alright”, an ’80’s style R’n’B single. He channels an inner Barry White, “It’s Alright” in a manner that listens like a promise to always be available for his lover no matter what happens.

Listen to “It’s Alright” and “Problems”

Featured Image Credit: Orinayo_Ojo_photos/Instagram

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