Listen to Meekdona’s ambitious single, “Dreams 2 Reality”

An ambitious attempt at marrying hardcore rap and melody

As a result of staggering streaming numbers around the world, hip-hop’s dominance has seen the genre take on pop traits over the years. The incorporation of spacious trap beats, melodic (often mumbled) rhythm and catchy ad-libs have infused more color to Hip-hop’s gritty attitude and perhaps, made the genre more accessible to outsiders. Alhough the more conservative hip-hop fans would rather distant themselves from the pop-fueled mumble rap style, Meekdona clearly doesn’t give a damn as he releases a new trap-fueled single, “Dreams 2 Reality”. Over the glossy beat produced with layers of synths, percussion and a bouncy drum pattern that’s sure to get head bopping, he brags about “Stacking Papers” and his “Billion Dollar Dreams”. While “Dreams 2 Reality” might not have the most inspirational lyrics, Meekdona’s attempt at marrying the brash traits of conventional rap with melodic vocals is an ambitious one.

Listen to Meekdona’s “Dreams 2 Reality” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/meekdonalson
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