Lord Isaac links Awful Daniel on smoky cloud-trap bop, “Main Guy”

Plunging his Nigerian roots into a cinematic narrative

Since making his NATIVE debut with “Milli”, Lörd Isaac has shown himself to be an excellent craftsman, telling his distinctly Nigerian stories and experiences through the globally acclaimed trap sound of hip-hop. His latest release, “Main Guy” featuring Awful Daniel plunges his Nigerian roots into a cinematic narrative with relish, finding freedom in the ability to be violent out in the open as he embellishes his character with the graphic detailing hip-hop and Hollywood are known for.

Though the catchy and ominous beat Awful Daniel produces for “Main Guy”, punctuated with hi-hat flutter riffs layered over synth lines, is informed by his American influences, Lörd Isaac makes sure to shout-out Lagos while claiming his territory as real one; “I do this for my city aye/ She ask what I rep, I said it’s Las Gidi baby”. His relaxed delivery, relishing each line as he raps “Chopper go 180, make you spill like gravy /Pop used to be in the Navy so I got mob ties who happen to pop guys” with a languid swagger, highlights his confidence in his pen game and in the legitimacy of the bars that are convincing but also almost too outlandish to be true.

Listen to Lörd Isaac and Awful Daniel’s “Main Guy” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/isaac_lelord

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