Listen to Little Simz poetic new project, ‘Drop 6’

The fiercely introspective rapper is always ready to speak her truth

Last year alone, Little Simz dropped her indelible project, ‘GREYAREA’ and delivered a stunning must-watch performance in the latest season of Top Boy. The British-Nigerian rapper has been heavy on our radar since, and to start the year, she’s just dropped her 6th project ‘Drop 6’

The 5-track project is the perfect example of this time allowing artists express themselves through their music, as it’s made up of diverse tracks written and recorded by Little Simz herself last month whilst she was in isolation. Each track continues to showcase her signature poetic storytelling flow, as she weaves through themes of self-worth, family, independence, defeat, love, and the pursuit of happiness in life.


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The EP starts off with “Might Bang, Might Not” a fun upbeat track where she spits bars, packing an onslaught of clever wordplay into two minutes. ‘If I give you my time, and give you my space/Know that that shit’s not to waste’ she begins, rapping about how she’s back on her bullshit and ready to bring the heat this year. She admonishes everyone who never saw her strength and power, calling herself a one-woman army who is ready to take on her opps.

This idea of standing alone in the face of adversity carries on to the next track, “One Life, Might Live”, where speaks about past relationships. ‘Everyone single of them I’ve dated all the same/Everyone’s that wronged me put their bodies to the side’ she raps in a deadpan poetic drawl, over the vivid percussion pattern. Little Simz has always spoken openly about her love life in her music, so this comes as no surprise from the British MC. It’s clear she’s having fun on the beat, as she later switches into a sing-song flow, teasing the ill-intentioned people to try her one more time. You already know about how much I love to see women talking their shit!


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Before the new EP dropped, Little Simz shared a heartfelt post her social media about the self-doubt she felt whilst working on her project:

“After serious procrastination, I decided to stop being a ‘lil b*tch and cry baby and knuckle down on the EP. I gassed myself up, there’s no one else here, I’m alone, I had to”.

Self-doubt is a topic she often confronts throughout the 5-track EP, especially on the closing track “Where’s My Lighter” where she recruits the talented songstress, Alewya. The two women confront the gut-wrenching feeling of being lost, and not knowing who to trust. ‘Who do I trust? Who do I love?/Tryna seek sense, be the real me’ she muses, as the floor opens for Alewya’s delectably infectious vocals. The pair bring a magnetic energy to the closing track and prove once again that Little Simz is one of the rappers we want to keep paying attention to.

It’s very important to have women like her, especially in the rap scene, where women don’t really hear themselves represented outside of what men have to say about them. She continuously sets herself apart as one who is fiercely independent and always ready to speak her truth. Little Simz touching on topics we can all relate to as women is very important, and we definitely want to hear more from her.

Listen to ‘Drop 6’ below.

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