Listen to Lady Donli’s “Ice-cream” featuring Tomi Thomas

Ice cream may seem a cheesy way to describe love but it’s actually more elaborate than you think.

Words by Fisayo Okare

Either by giving love a name or metaphor as Justin Timberlake did with his 2013 release “Strawberry Bubble gum” or Nigerian singer, Ebisan this year with “Ice Cold Water”, musicians try to capture just how mysterious love is. They try to convey their emotions of love through comparisons and story lines. Lady Donli’s is choosing sweeter metaphor for her new single “Ice Cream”.

Lady Donli’s Ice cream begins with some vocal work, setting the pace with what reminds of a-cappella harmonies like the ones from the Treblemakers in “Pitch perfect”. She uses the harmonies as segue into the meat of the song, written by herself and co-singer, Tomi Thomas. Lady Donli sings, “you are sweet like ice cream baby, you do me like ice-cream baby, but you know, we both know, that you are no good for me.” Ice cream may seem a cheesy way to describe love but it’s actually more elaborate than you think.

Ice cream comes in many flavours, just like love. There is Agape, Storge, Philia, and Eros. And to top it off, there are many fillings that you can sprinkle on it. Anything can be used to elevate a bowl of basic flavoured Ice cream. But then, even with every topping you add, you increase the risk of losing that delicate balance. Your cashew might be a little too…cashew. Even your gold leaf might be a bit much.

And inevitably, all ice-cream melts. It looses that firmness; it becomes warm and messy, and upsetting to watch. Soon all your sprinkles are afloat on a sea of sorbet coloured sludge, nothing to hold on to. By that point you have two options. You throw that melted ice cream out and leave it to the swine, or you grab your spoon and make what you can of your ice cream. Dig in and scoop that shit up. Because it’s ice cream and good ice-cream shouldn’t be wasted, sludge or not.

Now, It’s not so hard to imagine love like ice cream, is it?

Nosa Apollo and Mr O. produce, DJ Woske offers additional vocals, perhaps the other voice you hear that isn’t Tomi Thomas’s faster paced verse, but the subtle bass-voice that chirps in monosyllabic sounds and words from time to time. The song ends with some sparing use of Hausa, in an attempt to cleverly tie up the song’s narrative.

The video for “Ice Cream” displays footage of Lady Donli, Tomi Thomas and friends in summery laid back scenes. the video’s director, Kuddi chooses colorful backgrounds and filters to further emphasize the delightful playfulness conveyed through the characters in the video.


Listen to Lady Donli’s “Ice cream” featuring Tomi Thomas below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ladydonli

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