Kehinde’s “Destiny” is the stuff of fuji-grunge dreams

Destiny is calling...

Kehinde’s Fuji-influenced grunge-y voice—similar to Kid Cudi—makes his music distinct from some of his more popular post-R&B contemporaries. After exploring personal battles on his previous EP Yung, he grapples with a new realisation of self on “Destiny”.

A lot of musicians often speak of their place with the entitlement that comes with talent and perhaps, special ability. But “Destiny” begins with a synth-piano and percussion, setting atmosphere for Kehinde’s examination of self. He’s not so much singing “Destiny Is Calling Me” with an impatient voice as he is scolding himself for ignoring all the prior signs when he adds “But I didn’t pick up”

Listen to Kehinde’s musical odyssey to reaching for his “Destiny” here:

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