Kae Sun is missing a lover on new single, “Treehouse”

Solitude can get lonely

The most fun thing about getting a treehouse, besides, the solitude must be shared solitude with a significant other. I imagine it’s like finding a great food place and being super stoked to introduce it to your best friend. On Kae Sun’s new single, “Treehouse”, his solitude turns sour with loneliness as he brings to life the story of two people with personal baggage trying but failing to get together.

The Ghanaian-born Canadian artist, Kae reminisces on the times he believes he’s failed this woman: “I Had A Chance To Make You Feel Better But I’ll Admit I Wasn’t Brave Enough I Had The Chance To Make You Feel Closer But I’ll Admit I Wasn’t There Enough”, and in the same breath admits to leading her on, like most realistic love stories, it’s not very pretty.

Stream Kae Sun’s “Treehouse” here;

Featured Image credit: Youtube/kaesun

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