D-O’s new release “Bum Vita” is a Comical Joy Ride

Updating his "Everything Pretty" E.P

D-O has been on the journey to complete the release of all tracks on his E.P debut, Everything Pretty. Two months ago, he had released his “Peter Piper”, a cheeky crowd pleaser and personal fave of mine.


Earlier today, D-O released another song also coming off the Extended Play, called “Bum Vita”. On a first listen, “Bum Vita” is a lot similar to the rhythm arrangements of “Peter Piper” and for this, D-O didn’t quite fill the gap we expect that he would with a follow-up release. But mew music usually requires a few replays to stick, and “Bum Vita” takes off nicely like so.

On “Bum Vita”, D-O sings of a misunderstanding with his ex-lover while July Drama weaves witty words like coke, fanta, vanilla, Bournvita (Bum Vita) into the narrative, promising that he wouldn’t play her like a piano no more. Quite comical and interesting to pay attention to.

“Bum Vita” is produced by July Drama, who also features on the track. Peep the single below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PrettyBoydo

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