Watch video for Burna Boy’s Spiritual Single, “Hallelujah”

Oluwa Burna goes to Church. Kinda.

After peaking fan anticipation for a project was met with a low-profile, Redemption EP last year, Burna is back in the UK on tour and re-energized towards future prospects.

“Hallelujah”, is Burna’s first single of the year. Burna grateful for his achievements on this pseudo-spiritual track, he details his struggles and challenges and thanks God for overcoming them.

Burna’s Redemption EP and return to the UK, set him on a new somber path since last year.  Some of this solemness is reflected in the accompanying video for “Hallelujah” with shots of Burna in white overalls on the mountain high. The shots are criss-crossed with him in church and surrounded nature, alongside other symbolisms of holiness and reaching for heaven.

There are no upcoming project in sight for Burna, but the singer seems to have found a new inner peace that has reflected in the mellow feel of his latest releases. Whatever version of Burna Boy we are getting on his next full length album, will either be a Burna we have always known, or someone entirely different. Either way, we can’t wait.

Check out Burna Boy’s “Hallelujah” below.

NB: This is an updated version of the original post made solely for Burna Boy’s “Hallelujah” single.

Watch Burna boy in wonleto by P.R.E