Ignis Brothers explore human vulnerability on their official first single, “Braveheart”

Ignis Brothers is made up of: Two brothers + Ruth, who is "technically not a brother"

Bravery doesn’t signify an absence of fear or challenges, as any honest man who has allowed themselves thrive beyond their fears will tell you; staring down our fears is the only way to to survive our journey through the uncertainties of life. Ignis Brothers’ first official single, “Braveheart”  explores this theme.

On “Braveheart”, The three-man band explores the vulnerability often hidden behind every bold leap. The vocalists Dwin, The Stoic and Ruth Zakari with guitar support from Lamide Aranmolate tell various stories of embarking on journeys through the unknown and staying brave through it. On the chorus, they warn us “If I Said My Heart Was Steel, Oh Its Lies, All Lies”, and Dwin sings “The Cost Of Being Brave Is Far Too Much For Me”, signifying that the fear is often creeping, but we have to remind ourselves that bravery is not the absence of fear or self-doubt.

Listen to“Braveheart” here:

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Ignis Brothers

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