Le Mav and Psycho YP team up on new single “Overtime”

YP is working overtime

Abuja-based artist, Psycho YP is having the most prolific period of his career so far. We last reported the artist to have released a handful of singles, features as well as group music videos and now continuing in his proactive feat, he is back with a new single with producer, Le Mav titled “Overtime”. This is not the first time the two will team up, having recently joined forces with producer, Genio Bambino on “Summer Vacation”, a catchy bop for summertime playlists.

Over the infectious beat produced by Le Mav, YP comes in with a cool, detached demeanour rapping about his impressive star power, ‘Most of these niggas ain’t on my grind, like I’m working two jobs doing overtime‘ he confidently brags, speaking on his growing celebrity status. His hard drive which we can infer is filled with upcoming songs is labelled ammunition, YP is a confident rapper and is sure that whatever he releases is a certified bop. This is seemingly impressive for such a young rapper, as he is only 21. This year is definitely is ‘YP SZN’—the title of the his self-titled EP—as he is taking over DJ sets and playlists everywhere.

Listen to Le Mav & Psycho YP’s “Overtime” below.

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