See the video for Kida Kudz and Geko’s new single, “Again”

A tribute to partying

After collaborating on “Issa Vibe Remix”, which also featured Burna Boy, Kida Kudz and UK Afropop singer, Geko, are teaming up for the second time this year. This time, Kida Kudz features Geko on “Again”, where they both sing a tribute to partying. The mid-tempo beat S.O.S produces sets the mood with sweeping synth instrumentals, catchy drum riffs and percussion samples that add a bounce to the drums.

Kida Kudz in a press release was quoted saying; “When SOS played me the instrumental, I just pictured myself in an empty club with my headphones on, by myself dancing, with the most random dance moves. Weird, I know, but when I make music, I feel free and I want people to feel free and express their selves in any way they want when listening to me.” And that’s exactly what “Again” listens like with lyrics expressing sentiments that one would expect from a night out at a club; “DJ Bring It Back Again? Put It On Repeat Again”. The video KC Locke directs highlights the club inclined direction of the song with purple lighting and pretty models smoking and performing with Kida Kudz and Geko.

You can stream the music video for Kida Kudz and Geko’s “Again” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/GRM Daily
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