Lady Donli’s “Kashe Ni” Is A Glittery Sliver Of How It Feels To Be In Love

Lady Donli is ready to risk it all

Love is inexplicable. It’s especially difficult to describe the strange sentiments that come with the urge to please and cater to someone else’s needs. These emotions inspire numerous songs, all describing what it feels like to fall in or out of love and how to deal with the heartbreak that follows. Lady Donli’s “Kashe Ni” plays on this classic trope but hers is a deeply personal declaration.

Temporarily shedding the perpetual ambivalence that defines the characters she pupeteers in her music, Lady Donli as a woman in love is bolder, unashamed to own her desire to escape with her love interest and ‘make out’ like the kids do. She reveals how she isn’t the type to wear her heart on her sleeve and express how she feels but the freedom that comes with being with her lover makes it hard to keep her emotions suppressed. Her new-found confidence reflects in her music as an uptempo beat, declaring how much they don’t care.

The strong emotions Donli expresses so strongly right now might fade, the only thing that matters in the moment is that what she feels is true.

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Featured Image Credit: LadyDonli/Instagram

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