Ladipoe rounds off Revival Sundays with “Tailor Made”

the final offering from the weekly rap series

Ladipoe has been releasing music every week since December, the weekly series which he coins ‘Revival Sundays’ started off with “Providence”, a single-versed song that continued to show off the rapper’s cool and confident flow on his raps. This week, Ladipoe rounds off his weekly music series with new single “Tailor Made” as he continues to show his enviable flow. ‘I put my heart in all my verse/every bar with purpose/I’m tailor made I got the stitching right’ he confidently raps, showing off his clever word play by comparing his rap skills to the perfect tailored fit.

In the 2 min clip released alongside the new single, Ladipoe matches his self-assured, boastful raps with a calm and confident delivery to match. The video fades out with the words ‘coming soon’ hinting at a further video treatment, and whetting our appetite for what’s to come.

Listen to “Tailor Made” below.

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