La Femme Foundation to hold first ever SlutWalk in Lagos

If you're neutral in the face of injustice, you've chosen the side of the oppressor

The stigmatisation of women, is ever-present phenomenon in the annals of a  patriarchal world that relies on the culture of silence to uphold and maintain it. To publicly address some of that narrative, La Femme Foundation is choosing to unify people against violence in Nigeria, with a peace march campaign tagged “SlutWalk” an acronym for “Strong Ladies United”.

Taking it’s cue from Slut Walk International: a global peace protest with an aim of dismantling the system of female oppression, the walk is dated for 17th of December in Lekki, Lagos. La Femme will alongside women and men from all works of life, take a walk against the epidemic of violence and slut shaming of women. Create enlightenment among youth on the issue of rape, domestic violence educating them on the power of their voices.

Preceding the SlutWalk is a mini concert with some of Nigeria’s soul & funk artists bringing to stage their art, in support of this movement.  As part of their campaign the La Femme team has curated a documentation of experiences, shared by victims of violence, on what it really means to be Female in Nigeria. In addition to needing more sponsors and staying true to the theme, proceeds from this event will be donated towards helping the Girl Child Education Initiative.

Listen to Deena Ade throw further light on what the Slut Walk is about below.

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