The man who gave us two of the biggest songs of the last 12 months back to back is not who you think

And Tekno and Davido are here to testify

Words by Fisayo Okare

If you’ve become familiar with the light drum and synth patterns on the instrumentation of Tekno’s “Pana” and Davido’s “If”, then you should recognize it as soon as you hit play on Krizbeatz’s produced single “Erima”. And it’s no surprise that these three songs seem to be a rendition of the same beats, as it’s the music producer who began it all that’s produced this new release.

Krizbeatz first created the wave with Tekno’s hit single “Pana”, which Tekno later recreated the same wave for Davido’s “If”. On “Erima” Krizbeatz brings both artists on board to maximize, for full effects, what already seems to be a defining Afro pop sound. It is also noteworthy that Selebobo’s “Waka Waka” shares a lot of similarity with Tekno’s “Pana” and Davido’s “If”. To avoid languishing the un-credited uncelebrated place, where many Nigerian producers go to die, Krizbeats is riding his own wave. Tekno and Davido are along for the ride but it’s hard to ignore they are on a song with the man who crafted two of the biggest songs in the last 12 months, back to back. Oft-times, Krizbeatz has tagged himself the ‘Kingofnewwave’, but hey, who hasn’t?

Check out Krizbeatz’s “Erima” featuring Davido & Tekno below.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram/Krizbeatz

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