Korede Bello wants you to dance to his new single, “Work It”

Produced by Don Jazzy

The words “Work It”, repeated as many times as Korede Bello does on his latest single, can be quite upsetting. But we’ve come to accept this style of pop from Korede Bello as a necessary escape from the blues of heartbreak and our harsh realities, notwithstanding mundanely happy themes and silly lyrics.


Sure, there’s something intellectual about the way “Work It” warmly recalls the Galala melodies of classic tracks by Danfo Driver and the single’s stubborn refusal to conform to contemporary Afropop conventions. The most endearing element on “Work It”, is the recurring ‘Work It’ refrain that works like a charm for shifting moods in the club. As his voice rides the piano-led beat singing,”Work it oh, show your working o”, the mix of horns and synths and drums, is all the conviction you need to not to get your groove on.

Listen to Korede Bello’s “Work It” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/koredebello

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