Kah-Lo and Riton’s “Ginger” is a story every raver is familiar with

Get on your dancing shoes

Kah-Lo and Riton’s new video is shot in Soweto. Johannesburg has unwittingly become Africa’s hub for electronic music and for the “Ginger” music video, Riton and Kah-lo pay homage to the genre’s most common music video style featuring colourful open-air backdrops and stylish dancers. Kah-lo’s grunge-infused style fits just right in with Riton’s technopop, blurring the line between punk rock and electronica.


Kah-Lo sings about the woes of last-minute rave planning. Her lyrics suggest that like most ravers, she woke up ready to find a party; “I woke up one day and planned to get reckless”. She calls on her crew asking “who wants to faaji?” but no one is feeling it. Fortunately, what she lacks in a crew she makes up for in readiness to rave.

Watch the video for Kah-Lo and Riton’s “Ginger” here

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