Johnny Drille sings of eternal love on new single, “Count on You”

Comes with a stunning video featuring lovebirds Teddy A & Bam Bam

Johnny Drille sings of love in the most idyllic sense possible. Instead of coming off as totally naive, though, his penchant for declarative writing, fervent melodies and live instrumentation create an optimistic yet lived-in aura for his music. On his new single, “Count on You”, the Mavin singer dials up the mushiness to an 11, professing undying love with lyrics that land between a marriage proposal speech and a wedding vow. “Baby, this is day one of forever”, he passionately sings on the mostly piano ballad.

Visualizing the song’s emphasis on eternal commitment, the accompanying music video for “Count on You” is built around scenes centred on Teddy A and Bam Bam, both ex-BBNaija contestants who recently tied the knot. The Timmy Davies-directed video follows an endearing sequence of romantic events, climaxing on the stunning proposal and wedding scenes. There are also frames of Johnny Drille performing his set both solo and for the couple, while suited up and playing the piano.

Watch the video for “Count on You” here.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/MavinRecords

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