Jay Newton and Nonso Amadi catch the love bug on new single, “Falling”

a corny but very listenable song

Collaborations almost always show a different side to the artist. We are mostly familiar with Nonso Amadi’s somber lyrics about heartbreak and women playing games with him, and the melancholic vocals usually set the mood for these lyrics. But Jay Newton’s “Falling” shows a side of Nonso we are mostly familiar with from his collaboration project with Odunsi on “War”; upbeat and optimistic about new love, with cheery vocals to match.

“Falling” starts with a skeletal harmony that is layered by synth drums and auto-tuned vocals. While Jay Newton’s sweet praise for a love interest’s attributes, “I’m In Love With Your Mind”, Nonso Amadi thinks he “Might Need A Medic”  because he has slipped and fallen in love. They’re clearly very expressive and aren’t too shy to be vocal about their feelings—if only they didn’t sound so corny. Fortunately, they aren’t too lost in their feeling to impede on the party-inclined beat.

Hear Jay Newton’s “Falling” here.


Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ejaynewton

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