Need a break from #Wokepop? Listen to “JahBlend”

Jahblend by Jahblend

Politics permeated our culture a while ago. It worked it’s way into pop music with songs like “Mr Lecturer” , African China’s “Mr President” and a wealth of others.
It’s no surprise that right now, popular music is becoming a mad dash toward wokeness. Subliminal messaging in pop music today conceptualises the levels of awareness, views and opinions that we imbibe via media consumption and mistakenly believe to be our own. Ineffectual messaging isn’t a crime in the court of public opinion, but when wokeness is your aim, thoughtlessness is usually the result. Ergo, the botched messages on consent and drug use floating around.

So maybe pop just being feel-good music like “Jahblend” isn’t a bad idea. In all fairness, the average listener isn’t priming their ears for the moment when an artist makes the perfect lyrical metaphor about unrest in the North East. They just want to dance. JahBlend and  Jyino Sukus deliver on this, with a song whose lyrics don’t burden the listener or the beat. Titled after the artist himself, you can already tell it’s not so deep for anyone. It’s simply feel good music you can dance all day too and not have to do any mental gymnastics over songwriting.

Listen to “JahBlend” here;