Idris Elba Will Not Be the Next James Bond

Laying the long-running speculations to rest

After nearly a decade of rumors placing Idris Elba as next-in-line to play the 007 role, the actor has definitively laid the speculations to rest.

At Tuesday’s premiere of his directorial debut —“Yardie”— on Good Morning Britain, Idris Elba was asked whether or not he was set to star as James Bond (after Daniel Craig) in the film series; he plainly replied, “No”.

This confirmation came just days after it was announced that the film’s long-running director, Danny Boyle, had parted ways with the franchise. According to Boyle, he left because the franchise was thinking of killing off 007 and he found the idea to be “ridiculous”. Daniel Craig’s appearance in the yet-to-be-titled 25th installment of the James Bond series is expected to be his last. It’s set to start filming in December and is estimated to be released in October 2019. These dates may however change after Boyle’s resignation.

Watch Idris Elba’s interview here:

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