Hear Olamide’s prayerful new single, “Poverty Die”

showing his unmatched balance of pop and melodrama

Devoted Olamide fans look forward to the ending of the year because usually, they can always count on his end of year concert, OLIC, and an accompanying project to mark the event. Though it’s unclear what will happen with Baddo’s fans this year as OLIC 4 already happened and there has been no word of an Olamide album.

In the meantime what fans have this optimistic new track. “Poverty Die” is set to the melodic swing of indigenous eastern Nigerian music. Pheelz produces the energetic beat with horn samples that Nigerian football fans adopted from celebratory church music. It serves as the backdrop for Olamide’s prayerful performance, showing his unmatched balance of pop and melodrama.


Singing “Ogun Aye Mi, E Bami Jo Wan Pelu Fire/ Fire/ Fire/ Fire/ Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire Fire”, his lyrics, like the cover art for the single is inspired by white garment churches. But rather than making a mockery of the faith, his intent isn’t malicious as he comes across like a true believer, praying against poverty and thanking the creator for blessings.

You can watch the Poka Studios created animated music video for Olamide’s “Poverty Die” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/baddosneh
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