Astro’s “Lean In My Sprite” featuring TenaTenpo speaks to just one side of luxury

It's like every party driven song ever

There are few artists as musically versatile as dancehall virtuouso TenaTenpo and that’s just what Astro needs if he’s going to break into the mainstream as a rapper. Though he isn’t new to the industry, Astro’s releases have failed to make it all the way to radio. This is probably why Astro’s taking a hard left, and riffing off the consummate acceptance of recreational drugs in music entertainment today with his new single “Lean And Sprite”.

You never hear Nigerian hip-pop artists expressed vague existential dissatisfaction, or warned their fans that the “baller” lifestyle comes with tragic burdens—even when they say “ball to you fall” there’s no explanation for what the fall means. Most of what these enthusiastic rappers preach can be described as night bar stories among friends reveling in reckless alcohol and drug use and wanton sex. “Lean And Sprite” employs all these genre tropes, dressed up in a beat and delivery that screams radio friendly.

“Lean And Sprite” is a party driven rap song, but that doesn’t deter Astro from delivering a bleak attempt at a confrontational take on street rap that is both urgent and unsettling. TenaTenpo features on the first verse and chorus with a singing rap flow that follows his genre blending aesthetic. Astro takes on the second verse layered with snarky hype-man ad-libs over the synth heavy trap beat. Their collaboration adds to the pool of rap songs that glamorizes the hedonist but fails to mention the darker sides of the habits—A dark side artists like Kid Cudi, The Weeknd and most pop stars have explored for their chart topping singles.

That being said, “Lean And Sprite” works for what it is; a perfect theme song for those mischievous car rides around town.

Listen to Astro and Tenatenpo’s “Lean And Spirit” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/astro_rb

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