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What You Need To Know Before Seeing “Avengers: Infinity War”

After scoring big with “Black Panther”, Marvel’s cinematic universe seems to be on a roll, following it up with the star-studded “Avengers: Infinity War”. They have however had this coming for quite a bit, releasing one big budget film after the other. The third sequel to “Avengers” is special though because it ties together plots from several feature film characters. It might be challenging to keep up with if you missed certain post-credit scenes or haven’t seen some of their other films like “Thor: Ragnarok”. Here’s a video to help catch you up on everything that would play as a backstory for the film and the precious ‘Infinity Gems’, endangering the lives of earth’s mightiest heroes.

Mr Eazi – Genius’ “Verified” 

Genius’ “Verified” is a show that gives artists a chance to explain their lyrics to the listeners and Mr Eazi just got featured. Asides confirming the marketability of Afropop outside Africa, it also highlights the good work Mr Eazi and his team have done to ensure his songs go across borders. “Pour Me Water”, a recent hit expected to feature on his coming ‘Lagos to London’ tape has been making rounds on radio and has gotten him his first feature at Genius’ “Verified” studio where he talked about the inspiration behind the pseudo-romantic number.

J Cole – “Kevin’s Heart”

J Cole’s recently released album, KOD, just set US first-day streaming records on Apple and Spotify when it was released last week and is on its way to become the fastest selling album of 2018 so far. The video for “Kevin’s Heart” is the second video release from the album after first releasing one for “ATM”. But while “ATM” features his alter-ego, K!ll Edward, the video for “Kevin’s Heart” features Kevin Heart playing himself. And though J Cole is seen lurking somewhere in the background of one of the shots, the video follows the comedian who’s past infidelity was referenced in the song. We watch as he struggles with the public’s reaction to his actions.

Zoro – Mbada

Though Hip-hop never went anywhere, you’ll be forgiven if you thought it was making a comeback after listening to Zoro’s “Mbada”. Indigenous Igbo lyrics asides, “Mbada” listens like a 50 Cent song from back in the day; cocky yet charming. While Zoro brags about his designers and affluence over the catchy Hip-hop beat, the video SOS directs shows off the rapper’s posh swag and lively squad.

Janelle Monae – I Like That

Janelle Monae’s ‘Dirty Computer‘ project is finally out, but the singer has spent the last couple of weeks releasing cuts from the album with exceptional videos, perhaps taking from her successful foray into acting. The soft and soulful ballad is the 10th track on the album. And though it’s one of the more melancholic tracks, the video still shows the confident and defiant energy expected from the electric lady through the artsy imagery employed.

Cassper Nyovest – “Ksazobalit”

Cassper Nyovest just released the video, “Ksazobalit”, a lighthearted ditty that finds the South African rapper bragging about his wealth. Though the video retains the song’s playful nature through the fascinating dancers performing a well-choreographed dance routine of hip dance-steps, the farm plantation setting adds a tinge of seriousness. But for the most part, the imagery only serves as context for why his financial status is so remarkable.

Bonus –

Wanuri Kahiu – “Rafiki” Trailer

Though Wanuri Kahiu’s film, “Rafiki” was considered good enough to feature at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the filmmaker has announced that it will not show in Kenyan cinemas due to the government ban. The film which highlights the highs and lows of homosexual relationships in Africa will go a long way in promoting LGBT visibility in African communities. Hopefully, the presence of streaming platforms will prevent the ban from having too much of an effect on its reach.

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