Hamzaa celebrates little joys and friendship on her music video for ‘Sunday Morning”

Watch the music video for Hamzaa's soulful single

London-based soul singer/songwriter, Hamzaa made her NATIVE debut with her 2018 single “Stranded Love” which made it to the NATIVE’s list for “Best Songs of the Year So Far”. Since then, the prolific artist has been making headway in the UK, enough to impact the Nigerian music scene. Now she has put out the music video for “Sunday Morning”, a standout single from her recently released ‘Phases’ sophomore EP.

The song is an easy-going track which reflects a similar mood to the relaxed nature of a lazy Saturday morning. Though she performed the song with a live band and a choir when it was featured on Vevo’s Discover segment, the music video, which Ray Fiasco directs, finds Hamzaa matching her serene lyrics with shots of her kicking it back; from cooking for friends to reading a book to hosting friends at what we assume to be her London home.

Watch the music video for “Sunday Morning” below.

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