Listen to DAP’s latest project, ‘Powers, Vol. 1 (EP)’

Connects his past with his present, as a way of plotting for growth in the future

DAP the Contract is a man of many talents – an impressive producer, a classically-trained pianist, an exciting rapper and a competent singer. In his releases, he manages to amalgamate of all these facets into his music, which his newly released EP, ‘Powers, Vol. 1’, collects into a terse but striking statement.

The cornerstone for ‘Powers’ is “Heaven”, a 5-year old, two part single that features music on different ends of the spectrum. Both songs in the suite appear at the backend of the new EP, showcasing that DAP has always been a consummate musician. The first of the two parts is mini-opera, with lyrics chanted in Latin by featured singers, Peter Traver, Jordan Schulz and Tasj MelRose. DAP’s steady piano playing, serves as the perfect backing to ensure that the singers’ voices soar and explode accordingly.


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On “Heaven, Pt. II”, DAP confidently flips the switch, trading ebullient raps with Nice over piano samples from “Pt. I” and skittering trap drums. Although they rap about their motivation to get to the money, DAP and Nice ground their verses with a sense of self-awareness. “I was born rich, I can’t help that, but I’ll be damned if I sell my soul”, DAP sings on the declarative chorus, maintaining his penchant to throwing in personal truths is an integral part of his ambitious cuts. This is what serves as the linking point between “Heaven” and the three new songs on ‘Powers’.

Since 2015, DAP has dropped music very consistently, through joint ventures like Hi-Lo Jack, and solo projects including his ‘Contract Thursday’ series and his excellent 2018 album, ‘Everybody Falls in the Summer’. Along with tours and live performances, he’s grown into a better-rounded artist, however, ‘Powers’ indicates that DAP is still planning on hitting new levels.

The project has a no frills atmosphere, however, is buoyed by great production and confident raps. “I’m from the city where ain’t nobody give a fuck about anybody else, but I got my trophies on my shelf”, DAP raps over the glittering reverse keys and rolling bounce of opener, “Pray”. Featuring a fabulously rendered verse by Tiago Sta. Cruz, “Rings” is powered by slightly animated piano samples, thumping bass and greasy snares, while the introspection and exuberance on “Lights” is matched by a comparatively solemn bounce.

With ‘Powers, Vol. 1’, DAP connects his past with his present, as a way of plotting toward a future with better music and overall growth.

Listen to ‘Powers Vol. 1’ here.

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