ENNY begins the year with a powerful new track, “Same Old”

The British-Nigerian rapper teases her debut project with new single

Last year, South London-based, Nigerian-born emcee ENNY took the world by storm with the release of her Amia Brave-assisted single, “Peng Black Girls”, a love letter to Black women everywhere with lyrics that armed them with the tools to take on a world that constantly perpetuates violence against them. At the time, the introspective number sounded like a trusted friend in song form, and was released in a year spent fighting against racial and gender-based inequalities.


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To start off the new year, the UK rapper has now shared a new single titled “Same Old”, continuing in her established line of introspective raps and razor-sharp delivery. Over the mid-tempo beat, ENNY examines the human condition and her own complex wiring quickly grabbing listeners attention right from the onset and holding that momentum to the very end. Lyrically, the new single “Same Old” sees the rapper reflecting on issues such as complicated love with the same old boys, the detrimental effects of the Brexit vote, and the gentrification she witnesses right on her doorstep.

“Wan chop life be free from Brexit, Like look at all the mess you made/Fuck you and your friend gentrification”, she quips on the first verse as she examines the actions of the British government with a scalpel-like introspection. Her bars are marked with evocative details about her experiences, and as a newcomer on the scene, she speaks to the fragility of fame and social media. “It feels like the matrix/I’m dealing with some glitches,” she raps, unafraid to mince her words or shrink the thoughts in her head. It’s clear that ENNY has a knack for singing about things we don’t want to say outright.

She raps with all the self-conviction in the world, speaking directly to Black audiences and simultaneously bypasses industry gatekeepers as she throws shots at them. With unlimited confidence and unbridled audacity she says, “Your pains for sale so they’ll milk it/I’m getting scared, just wake up,” ending the song with an urge to listeners to break the same-old patterns she’s found herself in. Speaking about the new single, ENNY shares that:

“There are so many beautiful moments and feelings attached to this track from the moment it was created and I hope that anyone that listens to it is able to experience that energy when they hear it.”

Stream “Same Old” below.

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