DIY Afropop finds fulfillment on Bizzouch’s “Dodo Mayana” featuring Minz, Ichaba and L. A. X

Threatening to give celebrity's a run for their money

Afropop has always been flashy but lately, big corporations and labels have raised the profile of Afropop artists to almost elusive heights. Watching artists of Wizkid or Davido status look cool as fuck in their music videos and working with top bill producers who can’t seem to do any wrong gives them an insurmountable air. But that hasn’t stopped a few DIY artists from emerging in the soundscape, threatening to give the superstars a run for their money.

Bizzouch can boast of past works with L. A. X and DJ Consequence (“Jo Disco” and “Jikolo” respectively) but with less than 100 Soundcloud plays combined on both songs, he might as well have released them into thin air. However, for “Dodo Mayana”, his latest single, he features other artists who have managed to keep a string of noteworthy singles without big label spending. He teams up with Minz, Ichaba and L. A. X for a mid-tempo club inclined love song where they promise their love interests the world.

Over the mix of synths and drum riffs Bizzouch produces, Minz starts off with a verse and also takes the chorus with his vocals filtered through autotunes. Ichaba and L. A. X get a verse each showing off their love and the lengths they’ll go it. Listen to Bizzouch’s “Dodo Mayana” featuring Minz, Ichaba and L. A. X below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/bizzouch_

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