Discover the subtle power of dream pop with Olayinka Ehi’s “Right Now”

A lowkey anthem you want to dance to behind a closed bedroom door

Though Olayinka Ehi has been releasing music since 2017, she has remained hidden from mainstream ears. Her dream-pop sound and DIY attitude could be blamed for keeping her from crossing over from indie obscurity to popular audiences, but it has also helped her build a loyal fan base that remains supportive as they wait on the rest of the world to catch on to her music’s gentle appeal with each new song she releases.

Her latest song, “Right Now”, stays true to her indie sound as she sings in a deadpan tone over a minimalist mix of looped guitar sample, crisp synth melodies and a drum pattern that moves at the languid pace of a daydream. Singing “I’m lonely right now/ Can you hold me right now”, she sells a melancholic premise that if love and fun are absent in the waking life, it can feel just as real in a dream. Her lyrics try to convince a lover of their importance in her life with a desperate plea that shows the range of her heartfelt and passionate vocals.

“Right Now” is proof that Olayinka Ehi has become an expert at making lowkey anthems you want to dance to behind a closed bedroom door.

You can stream Olayinka Ehi’s “Right Now” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/olayinkaehi
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