Everything we know about Denola Grey’s children’s book ‘The Moonseeker’

His debut children's book

Denola Grey is a man that needs no introduction, as his Instagram page, home to his 315k followers, will tell you all you need to know: young, stylish, and irresistibly good-looking. It’s a combination of these three qualities that have garnered the 30-year old creative a massive following that trust and cling to his every style choice. With a career spanning his involvement in fashion PR, influencing, acting, consultancy, all-round trendsetting, and now, fashion merchandising, Denola is easily one of the go-to sources for fashion and film.

While he’s been preoccupied for most of the year by starring in your favourite Netflix shows, and the recently released Akay Mason-directed fantasy film ‘DOD’, his latest creative effort is truly one for the history books. Today, the actor and fashion consultant formally announced his foray into writing with the release of his debut children’s book titled ‘The Moonseeker’, which is said to be out sometime ‘real soon’, both in stores and on the Akiddie platform as an audiobook.


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Slated to champion freedom, growth, courage, kindness, and the undeniable magic found within acts of bravery in light of adversity, Denola’s new book is said to follow a young Nigerian boy named Ara who finds himself having to be very brave and courageous from an early age. Although Denola didn’t reveal too much about the upcoming children’s book, the latest author did mention that the book was formed in partnership with Akiddie Ng, an audio, text and VR platform created for children.

Speaking about the release, Denola Grey shared that:

“Creating this story with Akiddie is monumental to me as this is something that I would have loved to read as a kid. There’s a lesson in this story for any and everyone of all ages.

It is my wish that this story of a brave boy named Ara means as much to you as it does to me; that we keep our sense of wonder and that we are resilient and stand up against any form of injustice or anything blocking our freedom and most importantly, our joy. Here’s to new ventures and quite literally fresh chapters.”

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