D’banj releases more album art ahead of new release date

D'banj is back again and the side eyes are coming in strong

If D’banj thinks he can get away with blindsiding everyone with his album release, he couldn’t be more right. A month and 5 days have gone past since the Kokomaster promised that he will have the King Don Come album out in early July. What happened instead was a switcheroo involving thin air and no explanations for why a highly anticipated album failed to come out on its expected due date. It’s a shame really that so much hype had gone to waste over this.

Perhaps, in his own way he is trying to apologise and give the people what they have been waiting for as he releases the art for the album’s back cover and the complete tracklist attached.

The cover which shows a still dragon loving Dbanj, channels the themes of fire and fury with the main subject sporting a black fur jacket and a red armband, perfect matches for the Targeryen image he has been putting out since he first released his album art. Behind him, his baby dragon spits fire on the blackened mound on which they stand. The background is dark and smoky, a story of destruction with only D’banj as the ruler of the ashes. But this modernist take on A Song of Ice and Fire doesn’t distract from the unexplained trick D’banj played on his fans.

In addition to the back cover art release, he also announced the move up in the release date. On August 25th, D’banj will finally give us his fourth studio album. Hopefully. As he released the video for the second single off the album, Be with you as well as the accompanying lyric video for “Comment ca va”, we can only hope that D’banj will deliver this time and if not, explain why.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@iambangalee

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