Watch The First Teaser For ‘The Herbert Macaulay Affair’

Shoddy documentation of Nigerian history has left a wide information gap for multiple generations of young Nigerians. In recent years, though, history enthusiasts have taken up the task of researching and presenting older stories via various mediums, one of which is bringing it to the big screen. Joining an increasing line of visual features inspired by notable pieces of Nigerian history, Rucksack Productions is gearing up to release ‘The Herbert Macaulay Affair’, a new feature based on the life and struggles of 1900s Nigerian Nationalist and independence agitator, Herbert Macaulay.

To stoke anticipation, Nollywood Indie director Imoh Umoren shared an eye-catching teaser over the weekend, comprising a collage of shots from the upcoming film. The one minute-long teaser highlights the film’s apt retro aesthetic, and also points to a compelling, multilayered storyline focused on the film’s title character, as well as key events like the Bubonic plague in the 1920s. Set to hit cinemas nationwide sometime next month, September 2019, ‘The Herbert Macaulay Affair’ should hit the triple whammy of critical acclaim, cultural relevance and commercial blockbuster status.

Watch the teaser for ‘The Herbert Macaulay Affair’ below.

Featured Image Credits: Youtube/Imoh Umoren

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