Check out the trailer for forthcoming documentary, “Journey Of An African Colony; The Making Of Nigeria”

Narrated by Olasupo Shashore

It is always a bit of a struggle piecing the history or Nigeria pre-colonial times together. We do our best to piece the information taught by students of history, books we stumble on from that period and what our parents and grandparents may recall. But with the growth of the information distribution, it’s easier to exchange materials and stories, making it easier to piece our history holistically. Nigerian Social Entrepreneur, Olasupo Shasore, SAN, intends to add to this pool of information with a new documentary.

Titled “Journey of an African Colony; The Making Of Nigeria”, the documentary is modelled after Olasupo Shasore’s book, “A Platter of Gold; Making Nigeria”. Like the book, the film promises to bring suppressed truths about Nigeria’s history to light, to tell the stories of the real heroes, the riots that were fought and survived, and the history of Nigeria’s growth from colonization. It also promises to debunk myths about Nigeria and our history and replace them with the truth. Not only will he show us what Nigeria was and what it has come to be, he will also touch on the history of Africa in relation to the rest of the world.

Olasupo Shasore is a writer, historian, commercial lawyer, and former Attorney-General of Lagos State. There’s currently no official release date for  “Journey of an African Colony; The Making Of Nigeria”, but we can watch the trailer in anticipation here:

Featured Image Credits: Vimeo/Nemsia Studios