Ceeza Milli and Zlatan capture the Afropop zietgiest on new single, “Flenjo”

Plucking from Nigeria's richly entertaining pop culture pool

The pop music scene in Nigeria runs on parties and artists whose music draws from sleek house beats, hip-hop sensibilities and atmospheric R&B. There’s never a shortage of dance music attempting to capture the festive mood at parties and become an instant hit. However, Ceeza Milli and Zlatan’s new single, “Flenjo”, stands out for its clever interpolation, plucking from Nigeria’s richly entertaining pop culture pool.

Opening with the ‘Apostle will hear of this’ cut from a viral meme, the humorous undertone of the party anthem becomes apparent before Zlatan’s lighthearted bars aimed at a love interest he tries to charm with his catchy ad-libs (“Je Ko Mo”), flow and cocksure brags. Ceeza Milli, however, keeps things sweet and simple, singing the lightweight hook for “Flenjo” over the mid-tempo beat Phantom produces, mixing percussion, drum riffs, synths and a Jazz horn sample to add a little Afrobeat flavour to the party.

You can stream Ceeza Milli and Zlatan’s “Flenjo” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ceezamilli
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