Burna Boy and Jorja Smith lull viewers into their intoxicating universe in their music video for “Gum Body”

Reinforcing their tortured lyrical themes of stifled affection

Call it fabulous, commercially-ordained kismet that the chemistry Jorja Smith and Burna Boy shared on “Gum Body” is what coaxed her to feature the African Gaint on “Be Honest”, her only release so far this year. Both singers have shown a commitment to writing immersive lyrics that make their song’s relatable and on “Gum Body”, off Burna Boy’s latest ‘African Gaint’ album, they forged an¬†artistic kinship that reinforces their tortured lyrical themes of stifled affection.

Meji Alabi directs the recently released accompanying music video with a melancholy setting that lulls viewers into the intoxicating world the singers’ build with their lyrics; “I m I just drunk or something?/ In love, in love, in love, in love”. We watch as Jorja Smith dances seductively to the lightweight beat while Burna Boy is seen nursing two shots of whiskey.

Watch the music video for Burna and Jorja’s “Gum Body” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Burna Boy
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