NaijaBet opened a betting section for Buhari’s return and Nigeria is delighted

What happens when your country is in need of comic relief

On CNN’s GPS show, the news network threw a bucket load of shade Nigeria’s way. In a quiz style format, they posed the question: The head of state from which country has not set foot in his homeland for two months? The options were laid out, Nigeria one of them, the rest like good shade was implied. President Buhari’s absence, formerly our private shame is finally getting an international dragging a faux pas this bad deserves.

But when we thought the excitement was dying down and we could go back to lamenting the our absent president in peace, something else came up. NaijaBet, one of the many sports betting companies in the country decided to add to its betting roster, a slot dedicated to betting on date of our absentee President’s eventual return. Options were given- the first week of August, the second week, the third or even the fourth. Already, the numbers are coming in and Nigerians are having a good laugh on Twitter.

For the past few weeks, the news has been clogged back to back with criticisms and counter-attacks over the President’s prolonged stay in the U.K. From the indefensible decision to keep the Presidential jet in London to the inter-house sport parade style visits of party leaders and governors, the entire situation has become a national and international P.R. disaster, the kind you’d only expect from a B-grade Nollywood director.

For as long as this lasts, it is likely that NaijaBet could make a killing out of President Buhari’s absence. For the rest of us, knowing when our president will come home to us now feels a bit like waiting for fish to fall from the sky. The government certainly isn’t helping us get through this so let’s do it the only way we know how: with lots of jokes and memes.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@naijabet

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