Boogey grives love on “Solo” featuring JazzZ and Kemi Smallzz

Carrying the uncertainty and pain that comes with unrequited love

Boogey has been steady improving on his reputation in the indie hip-hop circles. His latest single, “Solo” featuring JazzZ and Kemi Smallzz revels in pop music’s more basic sentiment: grieving lost love. But rather than butchering the mushy theme, he offers a fresh and perhaps more insightful perspective on love’s less pleasant intentions.

Over the spacious hip-hop beat with G-funk baseline that Black Intelligence produces, Boogey pens down double entendres and glancing witticisms that narrates through the uncertainty and pain that comes with unrequited love. Though the production is remarkable airy with horns and synths, Boogey finds a way to fill up the space with radio presenter, Kemi Smallzz and JazzZ’s melodious vocals on the hook. And while they sing on completely different keys, they synch like a glorious double act.

“Boogey’s lyrics; “Let The Fact That I Broke Up With You Sink In/ Thought I Was Gonna Change My Mind So You Came By Mine/ Wishful Thinking” makes you realize how rap’s blunt lyricism can be affecting instead of dazzling. He’s able to turn familiar sentiment into striking lines by breaking in odd places and lovingly positioning his syllables.

Coming after the release of the Tay Iwar assisted “Liquor Nights”, “Solo” is being promoted as the second single off Boogey’s forthcoming album, Nouveau Niveau. The album isn’t going to be ready till early 2018, but you can listen to “Solo” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/boogeythat

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