BOJ and Ajebutter22 share romantic music video for “Tungba”

Colorful set designs mirror the song's lightweight swing

BOJ and Ajebutter22 have shared the music video for “Tungba”, the romantic cut from their ‘Make E No Cause Fight’ joint EP. The 5-track project highlighted the duo’s synergy, seamlessly combining their voices to deliver pseudo-romantic musings and trap-inclined party starters. After filming the video for “Yawa”, the EP’s lead single in black and white, the music video for “Tungba”¬†returns some color into BOJ and Ajebutter22’s life as they relax with models who serve as muse for their romantic confessions. The video is set on a sunny day, with birds chipping happily to intimate viewers with the nature setting of the video. While the colorful set designs certainly highlight the song’s lightweight swing, watching them throw back shots of Jameson in a drinking game captures the song’s sultry intentions.

You can watch the music video for “Tungba” below

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Ajebutter22

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