Blackface says 2Baba and his manager have summoned him to court

Former Plantainshun Boiz go to court

Blackface has revealed that his former Plantashun Boiz band member, 2Baba and his manager, have sent a joint court order summoning him to court. According to the post on Blackfaces’ Instagram, they are demanding NGN 50 million for what they claim is defamation of 2Baba’s character.

The subpoena is due to Blackface’s continually claiming over the years that he wrote 2Baba’s critically acclaimed singles, “African Queen” and “Let Somebody Love You”. According to 2Baba’s manager, Efe Omorogbe, 2Baba’s team and lawyers have sent messages threatening Blackface with a lawsuit with every public claim of his uncredited writing contribution.

Apparently, 2017 was the final straw. In 2017, Blackface appeared as a guest on Pulse’s Loose Talk podcast, where he once again claimed he had written both songs. 2Baba grudgingly responded to what he saw as a name drag, demanding a public apology and threatening a court order if Blackface doesn’t oblige. Turns out they weren’t messing around this time.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/official2baba


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