Best New Music: Olamide & Wande Coal make a glorious pair on energetic new single, “Hate Me”
Best New Music: Olamide & Wande Coal make a glorious pair on energetic new single, “Hate Me”

Best New Music: Olamide & Wande Coal make a glorious pair on energetic new single, “Hate Me”

A befitting pairing ahead of the rapper's "final" album.

Since Olamide announced his potential retirement from making full-length albums just a few weeks ago, anticipation has been rife for his “final” album titled ‘Unruly’. For his first move in the lead up to a new project, the rapper has just released “Hate Me,” featuring the consistently elusive Wande Coal.

A stark contrast to his insanely prolific colleague, Wande Coal has spent the last decade carefully selecting his breakout moments, and achieving maximum impact with every sighting, every single, every feature. This time is no different as both artists form a glorious pair on the P.Priime-produced party starter, “Hate Me.”


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We initially saw the pair on Olamide’s 2016 hit single “Who You Epp?” alongside Phyno, which quickly became a fans favourite, taking over the clubs, the streets and more just as quickly as it arrived. As the single was a big hit from the pair, fans and listeners would have expected an earlier follow-up over the years, but nonetheless, “Hate Me” does not suffer from any delay,  setting a vast tone for where both veterans are still able to go sonically, at this stage of their careers.

Produced by the Grammy-nominated P.priime, “Hate Me” is an energetic and up-tempo track laced over a unique and futuristic production. The duo’s energetic vocals float over the song’s funky basslines and twinkling production touches, setting the perfect backdrop for both artists to fire off their braggadocious lyrics about getting their shit popping. The record opens with Wande Coal’s agile and rhythmic vocals as he sings, “She ain’t work it, I don’t think that she work it/Do you I need to tell you what my net worth is?,” a fitting boast that extols his current legendary status in the game.

As the track progresses, the artists spit self-assured lyrics, stating how far they’ve come, how much money they’ve made and why they should be respected, with lyrics such as “They bout to hate me, when I show my bank statement/Inna the hood, you know they rate me, a hundred thousand dollar bills cannot take it”, which Wande Coal quips on the chorus. The track also displays Olamide’s indigenous rapping style, as he raps in Yoruba about his accomplishments, and how far he has come while still putting his opps in check.

In his usual manner, Olamide raps “Omo mo fo ti, eruku to te le mi won to forty/Now they know the reason why bitches love me, I just wanna get the money, kin de ma te button” which directly translates as “I can never break, i have over 40 niggas on my back/I just wanna get the money and push buttons.” With the news of his forthcoming final album in the works, it’s not hard to imagine that we’ll see more of Olamide taking stylistic risks, and inviting collaborators who will further push the limits of his artistry. 

“Hate Me,” is clear indication that artists are constantly evolving, even when they have spent decades exploring and fine-tuning their sound. To further amplify the track, the record arrived with the TG Omori-directed video, an intergalactic video which sees Olamide and Wande Coal on a spaceship, cascading through space. More than just a dazzling sequence to further the song’s reach, the video also portrays the song’s message about two veterans in their own right, evolving and changing with the times.

Stream “Hate Me” here.

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