The video for Bez’s You Suppose Know is underwhelming, retro Yemi Alade and all

Kiss Daniel did it better though.

We’ve waited nearly six years for Bez’s sophomore album Gbagyi Child and when he did deliver, it didn’t have the earnestness of Super Sun but it showed just how much growth the Gbagyi child had had as an artist and a musician. It also featured a first for Bez, features. Both were very strategic duets with alt queen Simi and mainstream juggernaut Yemi Alade. Bez has released the first video for the third single off the album You Suppose Know with Yemi Alade.

Now the song has heavy jazz influences, with strong horn sections and an acoustic guitar riffs running through it and of course both Yemi and Bez channel retro-jazz melodies of the sixties so we weren’t really surprised to see director Clarence Peters decide to recreate a decadent 30’s style speakeasy for the music video, replete with low lighting and low hung chandeliers. Bez and Yemi play performers in the same revue who have feelings for each other but refuse to indulge them because of their public profiles. And while Bez and Yemi give decent performances the video itself lacks enough originality to truly immerse us in the image they’re trying to sell.

Peters never really commits to the era, probably because it’d be too expensive and there is so much going in the video that you are constantly distracted by the clutter of bodies and props. Did we really need gilded chairs, a Martin Luther King poster, LED lighting, heavy velvet curtains and a stage all in a minor scene? Not to mention Yemi Alade who is a spectacular dancer and the video could have really done with a dance sequence.

A much better example of this was Kiss Daniel’s Good Time which while it wasn’t perfect, it at managed to stay era specific. Bez’s You Suppose Know deserved a much more memorable music video, and we hope the next single he releases gets a video with the kind of originality of More You.