Badsam’s “Alright” Is The Pick-Me-Up Song You Need To Get Through The Day

The ultimate re-up song.

Words by Fisayo Okare

It is no easy feat to finally get your dreams. But happily-ever-after only lasts a short while. Soon the realisation that it’s not so easy to keep the dream sets in, leaving room for self-doubt. But challenges, as they say, are meant to be conquered and this is how Badsam’s “Alright” explores the anxiety and doubt that come with such situations. The ringing theme, however, is recovery when faced with trying challenges.

Badsam’s production starts off slow as Kahli Abdu sings about going through rough patches. The tempo gradually intensifies as Kahli’s lyrics reflects his growing confidence, peaking at the chorus where he chants “I’m feeling alright”.

Badsam’s heavily synthesised EDM production coupled with Kahli Abdu’s lyrics is a combination of elements reflecting change on a personal level, marking a switch-up from being riddled with doubt to a decided assurance that at the end of it all, you’ll be alright.

Stream “Alright” below

Featured Image Credit: DJBadsam/Instagram

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