Adekunle Gold’s “Ire” is everything you need to hear to feel better

Adekunle Gold promised the soundtrack of our lives and delivered

I heard Adekunle Gold’s new single, “IRE” while trying to break out of my daily routine panic attacks. It helped me get out of bed and brought to mind this popular saying, “Everything you’re seeking is seeking you in return. Its only a matter of being more aware of what you already possess.” Adekunle Gold accentuates this sentiment through his confessionals on the single and his somber adjoining video for “IRE”.

Adekunle Gold himself describes “IRE” as the core theme of his soon to be released ‘About 30′ album as it is symbolic of the journey to being who and where he is now. The Ani James directed video depicts this with slow-mo edits as we watch Adekunle Gold go from performing at a church to living it up at a party. But in reverse.

Watch “IRE” here;

Featured image credit: youtube/adekunlegoldvevo

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