Get into Eugy’s latest EP, ‘4 Play’

Eugy's reintroduction as an independent artist is a sweet-sounding reminder of the skills he boasts. 

The British-Ghanaian artist, Eugy is best known on his home turf to be a dream on collaborations, having teamed up with YCee on his previous EP, Mr Eazi and Ajebutter for the sensual hit, “Ghana Bounce”“Lolo” remix which featured Harmonize, Seyi Shay and many more. That isn’t to say Eugy hasn’t proven he can carry a song on his own on singles such as the hot dance grooves, “Rendezvouz” and Tik Tok or the boastful “Don Corleone”, however Eugy’s latest EP, ‘4 Play‘ shows a new, softer side to the artist that flaunts his solo abilities.

Now an independent artist, Eugy kicks off his 8-minute long reintroduction with a cocksure profession that reassures fans that although he’s on a different trajectory at the moment, he’s still the same transnational musician that piqued interests both home and abroad.  Throughout this intro, Eugy reaffirms his status as a top don, purely focussed on finding success and money, and hardly distracted by anything else. Even in his lyrics, Eugy only leaves one line to talk about the carnal interactions the title of the project would suggest are central to his life.

But the leading track, “4 Play” is met with a bright contrast on the song that follows, “Forever”; firstly noticeable in its energetic tempo, then through Eugy’s lyrics which focus on love, as opposed to professional moves, and lastly in his style of delivery, opting for a rapping verse to follow his sung chorus, which plays with a series of familiar Ghanaian slangs. The next two tracks follow along the loving lines of “Forever”, though the introduction to “Feeling” appreciates that Eugy is “busy making moves” (as he stated on “4 Play”) thanks to Eugy’s reverbed excuses, “you know my lifestyle busy ‘cos we always on the go/you know my lifestyle busy ‘cos we always on the go“, co-produced by Bassey and Nonso Amadi.

“Love Blind” offers a more soulful element to the project, Eugy embracing his r&b upbringing to deliver a passionate eulogy to his common sense as he rides blind into love with his baddie. Proclaiming to be a new man, this is a love we hope works out for the best for Eugy, but if it doesn’t, at least we got this sensational project closer out of it. Wrapping up on this high note, Eugy’s reintroduction as an independent artist is a sweet-sounding reminder of the skills he boasts of.

Watch the short clip narrating Eugy’s introductory title track below:


Featured Image Credits: Eugy/Instagram

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